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Native American Indian Headdress and Indian War Bonnets

Native American Indian Headdress Native American Indian Headdress and Indian War Bonnets is the most colorful and picturesque item of Indian Headdress worn by the Native American Indian Tribes. Designs change from Tribe to Tribe. For instance, The Sioux Indian have a large flair and are a much more colorful and attractive Indian Headdress, while the Crow Indian War Bonnets slopped back flatter on the head.
The Blackfoot Indian made an Indian Headdress that stood straight up from the head. The Sioux Indian, Cheyenne Indian and the Pawnee Indian use only geometric designs in the beaded brow band. Indian War Bonnets were very practical on the Plains because there were no bushes or trees for them to catch on.
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The eagle feathers were awarded to the Indian Braves, warriors and Chieftains for extreme acts of valor and bravery and were very difficult to come by. They are earned one at a time.

Regardless of where or how an Indian Brave accumulated feathers, he was not allowed, according to Tribal law, to wear them until he won them by a brave deed. He had to appear before the Tribal council and tell or reenact his exploit. Witnesses were examined and if in the eyes of the council the deed was thought worthy, the Indian brave was then allowed to wear the feathers in his hair or Indian Headdress or in the Indian War bonnets.

Sometimes a tuft of horsehair was added to the tip of a feather to designate additional honor. Coup Feathers (pronounced "coo") of the Native American Indian can be compared to campaign ribbons or medals awarded to our modern soldiers. An Indian would rather part with his horse, tepee or even his wife, than to loose his eagle feathers. To do so would be dishonor in the eyes of the Tribe. Many of the old Native American Indian Chiefs had won enough honors to wear a double-trailed bonnet that dragged the ground. Only the great and important men of the Tribes had the right to wear the doubled-trailed Indian war bonnets.

Native American Indian war bonnets
Indian Headdress and Indian War Bonnets by "Little Runner", Kiowa.
Native American Artist, “Little Runner”, and Kiowa Indian do our Native American Indian Headdress and Indian War Bonnets. Trims and accents may vary; all items are one of a kind. No two pieces are alike. (Imitation eagle feathers) Feathers are heavily plumed at the top and base. Brow band is fully beaded with matching rosettes. Felt and fur spot Side drops.
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Here at The Cowboy and Lady we proudly bring you a great selection of the highest quality and most affordable prices for authentic Native American Indian Headdress and Indian War Bonnets available on the internet. Most all styles of these Indian Headdresses are available as a Double Trail Indian Headdress also.
Native American Indian Headdress is not the only items that we offer at the Cowboy and Lady, we have a large selection of Native American Indian Arts and Crafts including Zuni Fetishes, Indian pottery, Kachina Dolls, Indian Flute music, Navajo Sand Paintings and a lot more from Native American Indian Artist of the Southwest.

We also offer a large selection of Thirstystone drink coasters made from totally natural sandstone, by Desert Sandscapes Inc, makers of the World most absorbent coasters. And while you're here don't overlook our complete selection of Annie Oakley perfume and Colognes and many other fine Southwest Gifts.

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Turquoise Necklaces
This Turquoise Necklace is Navajo Made.
This is one GREAT Native American Indian Turquoise Necklace. With Turquoise as blue as the Southwest Sky.

Turquoise Bracelets
You will find a great selection of men and womens Turquoise Bracelets from Native American Indian Artists of the Southwest.
We are always adding new Navajo and Zuni Indian Jewelry in Turquoise, so be sure to check out the "Whats New" section.

Feather Jewelry by SILVER HAWK
Make a Statement with this Handcarved Buffalo Bone 18 Feather Necklace by Silver Hawk. Comes with matching Earrings.
You will enjoy any piece created by Native American Artist, Silver Hawk. All are handcarved from Buffalo Bone. Designs depict various birds of prey, such as the Snowy Owl.
Take a look!

Black Hills Gold
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